This blog started in the lockdown of the COVID pandemic of 2020. Chatting online with my son about times gone by, he asked me about some stories of earlier on in our lives and then suggested I wrote some of them down. From that the idea of this blog came about. I had experimented a bit with Jekyll which is an opensource web building platform and the blog seemed to be a perfect use for it.

As I write this it is still early days and I have only one memory on here and a couple of articles I wrote a while back for a wiki. I have included them here really to fill out the structure while I develop the navigation of the site’

I have kept the design and layout as absolutely simple as I can while still allowing for ease of navigation as and when it grows.

Future plans? Well obviously I will be writing many more stories to add the collection. These are all true memories, well as true as memories can be after all these years. It would be nice if I could persuade other members of the family to add to them, to make it a family archive. To the Tech archive I will probably add some more posts, probably one on how I set this up and the coding behind it.

Index to posts

  • Stories

    A collection of random memories from the past.

  • Tech

    A few posts of a more technical nature.